Monday, April 20, 2009


OMG Have I been busy!!!
It's so not like me to not post on my hunting blog or my family blog.... Did it seem like I fell off the radar? Left the planet???? Decided to take a one month hunt in another country?????
Well...I guess I have been just busy being a mom, trying to have two blogs, plan a wedding and have time for myself...obviously my blogs got neglected a bit!!
Well, I'm back... it took the launch of 2009 Hunting Regs. to rope me back into reality....Awwwwwwww Hunting Season.
I was so excited when my hubby to be called me and said "Honey, the regs are out"
As busy as I was...buzzing here their and everywhere.. to boxing practice, to baseball games, to cub scout meetings, I could hardly wait to sit down and read the regulations. These are held in high stature at our house and is much like "The bible".
After finally unwinding yesterday afternoon.... so excited to have them in my hand at last..I felt like running through the house shouting "I got it....I got the Golden Ticket"!!!! (At the risk of looking like a fool, i slinetly picked them up from my Future Hubbies special spot) In my head I eeeewd and awwwwd about the beautiful BIG buck pictured on the front, and plopped down on the couch to read.
I could hardly wait to highlight which special drawings I would put in for....
To be totally let down by the great state of Washington... I couldn't believe my eyes....they cut out part of our Archery elk season!! How devastating. Just cut off my legs, poke my eyes out, what a tragedy..... they took away part of my general season and gave it to the modern firearm hunters....ohhhh the misery....the pain....I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!
All that aside... the sight of the Big game Regs being released means one thing.....less then 5 months till deer and elk season.. . this hunter chicks favorite time of year!!!
Here's to crossing my fingers I finally get drawn for my branched antler tag this year!!!

Followers??? Come Follow me through Washington