Friday, February 12, 2010

Dead eye Dick.....

His name is Gavin...aka DEAD EYE DICK
Some of you thought his 500 yard shot he made this season to take his first Elk was a long shot-a sky bust-lucky-unethical-and a shot in the dark.
He is an amazing shot,has a keen sense for his target...a real natural....his name is Gavin, and he's my 12 1/2 year old son. I don't have to defend his shot he took to bag his elk this year, my husband knew he was a good enough shot to make it, and he did...a clean kill.
Gavin loves to shoot, we have a special place we go and practice. This place has targets up at 150,300 and even a metal gong at 600 yards. His favorite thing about shooting their is hearing that ZINNNNNG when his bullet ricochets off that metal gong at 600 yards. Another thing that our young hunter does is participates in a .22 league in our area. These kids go every Thursday and practice their shooting..remembering all the basic things it takes to make a good clean shot...squeezing the trigger, and complete follow through. They shoot four rounds, and they shoot from all positions, starting out with prone, going to sitting and so on. Along with the shooting, the kids are earning NRA ranks....working towards the top rank, which awards them with the highest rank you can achieve as a civilian. Just last night Gavin earned his "Marksman" rank...10 qualifying targets shot at 50 FT.
We are very proud of him, he shares our love for the hunt, and he is gaining more experience than the average young man when it comes to shooting!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I wanna say a BIG CONGRATS TO MY FRIEND Elizabeth Peterson AKA Deer Passion...
Her Husband and her had their first child

Emma Catherine- born on Feb 8th, weighing 8lbs 14.5 oz and 20 in long.

Elizabeth had a very trying pregnancy..overcoming many medical problems...
She is now blessed with a beautiful Daughter!


Some end of the year Waterfowl..

Well,here Iam ....
How many month's late on my post?????
Better late than never. Well... the most horrible time of year is upon us again..the spring. We just ended the 2009-10 waterfowl season. The boys got out a few times, and conditions were less than favorable. ICE-ICE AND more Ice. The local ponds that we hunt were froze for weeks..which made for some rough duck hunting. The hubby and oldest son got out a little and were able to score on some nice birds...ALSO Gavin was happy to bring home a honker on one of the last weekends. We rounded out the season with a trip to the cliffs over the Columbia...hoping for some last day geese..but their was nothing but sky-busting shots..and some geese that had already had their fair share of shot flying their way...they were not impressed by us at all.
So now we are in those couple somber months...and looking ahead to our up-and coming spring bear season..... time to clean the guns, and head out and maybe do some coyote hunting..this hunter chick is yet to kill her first dog....

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