Friday, November 20, 2009

Iam Back...and WE HAVE ELK

OMG... I guess my wedding just took toooo much out of me!! I am so ashamed to say it has indeed been that long since my happy ass has done a post for all of you fellow hunting freaks.
First off... the wedding.. AMAZING..everything turned out perfect.(NOTICE MY VEIL HAS MY MOSSYOAK CAMO TRIM)
OKOK your thinking get to the good stuff.... Here it is:
Iam proud to say that this hunter chick has passed on her un-believable, remarkable love and ability for taking down some big game..YES... my son Gavin, got his first SPIKE BULL ELK.
Not only did Gavin get his first elk, he got it on opening morning....and the kicker...a 510 yard shot!!! (must be the genes)
I was so proud of would think this kid won a gold medal..I have gushed, and gushed....this hunter chick is one proud mamma!!
Not to be forgotten is the new hubby. Eric drew a cow tag this year, and he too was able to fill his tag. Nice cow.. will make some delic dinner times!!!
And then their is me...I gave up my early elk season for my wedding day.(Their is a strategy in this....that being EVERY YEAR for my anniversary...I. GET. TO. GO. HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!sigh...this hunter chicks dream)
My late elk starts this next weekend...wish me luck!!
I promise Iam back to will BE hearing from me again!


  1. Good luck on that elk hunt. That was one long shot--a lot can go wrong on them long shots, with a clean miss being one of the better endings.

  2. Glad to see you posting again, and congrats on tying the knot, jumping the broom and stepping on the glass! ;-)



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