Monday, April 25, 2011

Off the deep end?

Have I officially gone off the deep end???
Nope..Just got so caught up with the new craze of Facebook! While I have met a handful of kick ass friends, fellow hunters & huntresses....I think I FORGOT about my Blog!!!
Lots has gone on...Finally got drawn last fall for my Branched Antler Tag..Yep 1 out of 12 permits for the Cowiche unit. The weather was crisp and nice.. typical Yakima Fall day. The Elk were bugling, the crows were and squirrels were pretty much as annoying as can be, and me I was in search of the great all mighty heard bull.
Had a great time, hunted my booty off for 2 weeks with hubby. Sat and did lots of calling sequences, using the one and only HOOCHIE MAMMA. Called a yearling in to within arms length..poor lost kid..I finally pulled my face mask down, looked at him and said "I'm not your mamma". HOLY cow did he book it outta there!!!
Got within 40 yards of my I stood behind a down log in my forest, I drew back, and released my arrow...NOTHING. BUT. HAIR.
Yes, yours truly, Mrs. Rachel Hunter chick, shot right underneath him. Ever seen a girl cry in the woods?????? 7 years of waiting for the tag and I blew a 40 yard shot. I was heart broken(and still am). Ranged where he was standing..41 YARDS...i PUT MY 30 ON HIM. Well, in a nutshell....I had the hunt of a lifetime, Eric tells me there is nothing to be upset about...He is right..nothing to be upset about....other than I dont have a $1000 Taxidermy Bill I would LOVE to have!!

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