Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 3D Shoots in Washington

Here is yours and my chance to practice!!!
The more ya shoot...the more tags you fill!!!
Both Eric and I are trying to commit to shooting as many of the 3D shoots as possible. (Huny is doing bettter then Iam as I have been sick and already missed two) They are great for us hunters... AND I will be the first to admit I need help when it comes to gauging my yardage on an animal...those darn things just don't stand their long enough for me to decide....hmmm 30? 35? No No maybe 45...... if only they would sit their and let me get the range finder out, that would sure help. Afterall... where do they have to go? The next watering hole? To catch up with their friends????? I find myself whispering to Eric alot.. "How Far??"
IM getting better at it, and I have to say.. I have hit stuff that eric thought was different Yardage then I shot.. so I must be either getting better at knowing my yardage...or just had some REALLLLY lucky guesses!!!
I have laerned that not taking the bow out untill August doesn't help get backstraps!!!

Here is some 3D archery shoots that will be happening in Washigton.
Iam Posting through June. Their is many others that are also in Oregon and Idaho. I can post others if someone needs or wants the dates.
MARCH 2009

21-21 Tucannon Wa. 3D Trail Shoot.
CONTACT- Blue Mountain Archers. Ray- (509)525-1798

Klickitat, Wa. Klickitat 3D Shoot (unmarked)
CONTACT- Chinook Archers Al Rafferty- (360) 433-8787

Naches Wa. (Eschbach Park) Arrow Fest
CONTACT- AS&J Archery Brandon Porter- (509) 457-4856


Long Beach Wa. 3D Fun Shoot (No Trophies)
Contact- Bear River ARchers- Rose Larson (360) 642-3220


Black Diamond Wa.@ CRB Washington State Field Championship Warm-Up
CONTACT- Cedar River Bowmen- Mike (360)886-0809

Naches, Wa. (Esch Bach Park) ARROW FEST
CONTACT- AS&J Archery Brandon Porter(509) 457-4856


  1. Rachel, thanks for the follow and congratulations on your new hunting blog. Welcome to the hunt! Looking forward to following and reading your stories. I love that photo of the bear track on your side bar. Big bear!

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