Monday, March 30, 2009

P.E.T.A............My VENISON....oooops I MENT MY VERSION


In our House this means People Eating Tasty Animals.
Yesterday we ( this hunter chick, my hubby to be and my two boys) were on our drive home from the other side of state. Hunting is a way of life for me and my family. right now we have 4 deer and one elk in our freezer.
Anyhow, on our way home on the highway we came up on a huge of those utility type vans. This thing looked like someone sat around, smoked some weed and began painting their van. It read "P.E.T.A" on the back...had pictures on it and one of an elephant in shackles.(which I think is sad :( (I love elephants). We followed behind it for a brief time, then my huny passed them in the passing lane. This caused quite the conversation in the truck about P.E.T.A..who they are...what it stands for...and so on...(you can imagine with a 9 and 11 year old...the wheels were-a-turning)Our boys dont know anything else, and couldn't figure out why people would be so against hunting. I tried to explain to them that they were against more then just hunting...but lets face it...they hate HUNTERS.
I have been flipped off, honked at and yelled at by these so called non-hunters, on more then one occasion here in town. The minute they see a bumper sticker that says Hunter Chick, N.R.A,, Ducks Unlimited..and my favorite "I love animals they are tasty" they are off on their tangent.
I don't have a problem with people and their beliefs as for the good of animals, but in my opinion.. some of them are soooo over the top that its ridiculous. I love animals, and believe in the proper treatment of them, IAM A HUGE ANIMAL LOVER, but in my opinion sometimes their whole goal and meaning of what they stand for gets lost and forgotten and it turns into an attack on anyone and everyone that has hunted or is not a vegetarian. I would never tie one of my kills down to my vehicle and parade it through town for all to see, but I don't have a problem speaking up for what i believe in.
As we passed the vehicle, Eric had to refrain me from showing them my newest cabelas purchase I got this weekend through the passenger side window......"900 Tasty Venison recipes" . Instead we just passed the colorful hippie-van and SMILED and Waived...and let them enjoy our stickers on the back of our truck!
I have nothing against anyone who is all about PETA.... however the minute they attack me for what I believe in, you can bet I will fire back! They have left a bad taste in my mouth in the I thouhgt a little retaliation was in order.......but thanks to Eric he helped me to be the bigger person.


  1. If you give them a inch they will take a foot. As I learned not to long ago they sometimes don't publicize who they are until it is to late.
    Than your stuck defending yourself.

  2. I am all for people that choose to not eat meat. But there is a difference with PETA. Their ads are so outrageous and tacky. I think it actually makes them look bad.

  3. Found your blog through Norcalcazadora, Enjoyed reading and also share your views about P.e.T.A.

    I have been embattled in a long and standing (war) with them and their buddies at H.S.U.S. (Wayne Pacelle) for quite a few years now.

    Keep up the good fight!!!

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