Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To gut OR not to gut??

Yes I know... that sounds like such a disgusting-gross topic..doesn't it???? But follow me here guys....
So as most of you probably know...Iam an engaged woman!!!
I could gush and gush about Eric.. how he is my love...how he's my best friend..and how he so kindly drags my game out of any pain in the ass condition you could think of...BUT I will try to not get all goo-goo on ya all!!!
Seriously.... this is what I want to know....
Do you ladies all field dress your own animals??? To me it's part of the hunt. I shot it...so I should field dress it...... But 9 times out of 10 if we don't find the arrow and broad head in-tact he will say to me...I'm gutting it.. I don't want you to get cut (meaning if the arrow broke off inside and the broad-head is in the cavity still).
Most times I argue....but most times he wins.
I KNOW he loves to field dress animals....but I WANT TO DO MY OWN!!!
I know, it sounds crazy.... my friends that don't hunt think their is something seriously wrong with me...It doesn't bother me...one bit...... But if their is a hair in a sink, or in the shower...holy shit..forget it.. I'm the first one gaging!!! OK so maybe Iam a little off kilter....
Am I the only odd-ball chick out their that is ok with this part of the hunt....Am I the only woman out their that would arm wrestle for her share of the dressing???

So my question is this to my fellow hunter chicks........
Do you gut your animals...or do you have a buddy/hubby that does it for you??????


  1. I can and have field-dressed my own deer, but when it's only 10 degrees outside and I'm already freezing my butt off I let them (hubby, dad, father-in-law) get wet and dirty. :)

  2. While it's not something I'm excited about I am learning and have participated.

  3. I gut, I clean, I filet, I do anything I need to do. If I kill it, I clean it!!!!

  4. Um lets see...I don't gut my animal because well I don't hunt. But if I did hunt my husband would do it all. He does cooking, cleaning, laundry, and vacuuming so I know he would have me sit and watch.

  5. Great question! I have cleaned and processed all my birds for 35 years and am still learning the ropes on big game. I have field dressed 2 deer and 1 bear on my own. Seems that if we're losing daylight that my hunting partner(John) will jump in and dress the animal in 1/2 the time it takes me. I've only hunted big game since 2002, so I am still learning.



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